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Providing roofing services in Wellington

Take care of your roof
With roofing it comes down to choosing a company you can trust, because this is your roof we're talking about, the very thing that protects your interior from outside elements. A1 Roofing and Consultants Ltd is a strongly-reputed specialist in Wellington, and we are very proud of the fact that customers come to us for roofing solutions, we cover all aspects of roofing services from the gutters up.


A1 Roofing and Consultants ltd can Re-Roof your residential or commercial property whether you have and existing metal roof or any other kind of roof We can provide you with a new Colorsteel or Zincalume roof of premium quality to suit your situation.

New roofing

Our team of professional roofers will work with you to establish the plans, process and schedule, and we want to help minimise impact to your daily routines. New roofing does not have to be a tedious operation, leave it to us to drive efficiency.


With skill sets geared to all roof repairs, we are specialists in tiles, metal, butynol and asbestos. Our team in Wellington will consult with you each step of the way for all leakage and wear-and-tear problems. We have a large supply of all new and used concrete and clay tiles.

Moss removal

Our moss removal system is fully bio-degradable and will not harm you or your family in any way. All surrounding plants and animals are safe too. All surrounding plants and animals are safe during the Moss treatment process.

Spouting renewal and maintenance

A1 Roofing and Consultants Ltd have a dedicated team of spouting renewal and maintenance experts at the ready in Wellington. For all residential and commercial projects we offer a wide range of styles and materials for partial or full replacement.


Our experienced butynol fixers can fit new, repair and replace butynol, for jobs big and small.


A1 Roofing and Consultants Ltd has specialists for asbestos-related roofing issues. We can repair and replace roofs compromised by asbestos. We'll arrange everything required under the Department of Labour guidelines for managing asbestos removal.


We use New Zealand Steels Colorsteel and all New Zealand Steel associated products because of the salt environment in Wellington we install plain and pre painted Aluminium roofs to coastal areas.
Professionals working on new roofing in Wellington

Sheet Metal Work / Bay Window Roofs

Our workshop in Wellington is equipped with a guillotine and folders to manufacture all kinds of roofing flashings. We specialize in making and installing Bay Window Roofs. Over the years we have perfected the process for measuring, manufacturing and installing these roofs at a cost effective price. We can make these roofs and flashings of any kind out of all metals including Copper, Aluminium Colorsteel or plain galvanised sheet metal.

Internal Box Gutters

We specialize in the manufacture and installation of all internal Box Gutters on residential dwellings and commercial buildings we have specialized staff within our company who have the experience to take on the most difficult of internal gutters and see the job through from start to finish.


We can install ceiling insulation while re-roofing your home or commercial property, and we use a wide range of top quality products.

Safety – Doing nothing is not an option

The department of labour have a zero tolerance policy for people working at height. As an employer our company takes this policy extremely seriously. The Department of Labours position on working at height says where the hazard of working at height cannot be eliminated some form of edge protection must be used to isolate workers from a fall. This includes single story buildings and structures.

A1 Roofing has invested into making our workers as safe on roofing projects as possible

We have our own guard rail system and mobil scaffolds for all re-roofing new roofing and servicing roofs that are single story all which is offered to you as the customer at great rates. If your house is double story we work in with a well established scaffolding company. For more information on working at height go to The Department of Labour website.
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